New Name, Same Legacy

As a church, we are embarking on an exciting milestone. We are in a time of rebranding and changing our name from Church of His Kingdom to Living Word Community Church.

Our church began as a home bible study in 1970. The congregation outgrew the small bible study and built the sanctuary that would become Church of His Kingdom, a Christ-centered and family-oriented church. From its founding, the church has been a part of The Living Word Fellowship association of churches.

Erin and I moved our family to San Diego and began pastoring Church of His Kingdom in January of 2015. Since that time we have been in a process of putting all the puzzle pieces of God’s family here in the right places so that we can have an expression of Him that is clear and unique. As a church we’ve embarked on many construction projects together, including repurposing rooms for Bible study, building a church garden and relaunching a new children’s program. Through all this we’ve witnessed an excitement in the people. Many are finding a renewed faith and fresh impartation of the Father’s Love that can have a powerful impact in our lives and on the lives of those we touch.

Sometime after we were settled here we began to consider the name of the church and to ask ourselves the question; does the name still resonate with and reflect the people it represents? We realized that we wanted to connect to the bigger church family that we represent, and to the legacy of The Living Word Fellowship. We also realized that the church is strategically placed within a community and that aspect is part of our ministry as well. After much prayer and consideration the name “Living Word Community Church” was submitted to the church leadership team for confirmation. Everyone agreed that it was the perfect time for this new step.

Even though the name will change, we recognize and honor those that have served the Lord at Church of His Kingdom. Thank you for your dedication and we strive to retain the expression of God’s Kingdom on this earth, as it is in heaven. Whether you’ve been here since our foundations or have just been introduced to our church family, we welcome you and we share our excitement for all that the Lord will do in this community and people.

MaryHeather Dunn

MaryHeather Dunn

MaryHeather grew up in Los Angeles and volunteered with her family at Living Word Publications where she developed a love for serving the Lord in a family setting. She moved to Iowa and furthered this love at the Shiloh church and conference center, mentoring under Pastors Craig and Phyllis Haworth. She and her family moved to San Diego to pastor Living Word Community Church in 2015.